how-are-you32So…we are just beginning our 2nd week of this round of Faith 5…how’s it going?

What are some of the struggles/challenges that you have experienced?

What are some of the joys and aha’s that you have experienced?

What are some questions that are still bubbling around for you?

Comment on this post and tell the St. Luke community how it is going for you, ask your questions, share your observations.  This blog will be the best when all voices are being shared!

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You’ll never believe what my child said…and what I saw/thought

As a daily faith practice, FAITH 5 is a practice that grows with you.  The more you engage it, the more natural and open your family will be.  So we are wondering, what are some of the things your children are saying to you as you explore this practice?

Here’s something I’ve heard….a family had begun using FAITH 5 during Lent and just about a week before Lent was over a young child said to their parents, “So because Easter is so soon, does that mean we need to stop [doing the FAITH 5]?”

So what are your kids saying?

And what are you seeing?  What are you thinking?

Post a comment below and share your experiences with the community, for as we share with one another, we grow together!whisper

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What is FAITH 5?

What is FAITH 5?TheFaith5

The FAITH 5 is a nightly family faith practice that was developed by Rich Melheim and Faith Inkubators.  It consists of five simple steps that families are encouraged to do together each night before bed.  The five steps include:

  • SHARE – highs and lows of the day
  • READ – a verse/passage from the Bible
  • TALK – about how the verse/passage connects with the highs and lows of the day
  • PRAY – together about the highs and lows, your family, and all creation
  • BLESS – each and every one who has gathered for the FAITH 5 using words and touch

For a more detailed description of this faith practice click here and visit the FAITH 5 page at Faith Inkubators.

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There’s an APP for that!

Many of us are using mobile technology in all areas of our lives, and many have asked what are some of the better APPS available for our faith growth and for using with Faith 5. Below are some links to other authors and bloggers who have looked at various APPS for children and the Bible – as more are discovered we will post them here.  If you have an APP that you or your children just LOVE, please comment on this post to share with others.

Best Bible Apps for Kids

Just in CASE: A Review of Children’s Bible APPS TheresAnAppForThat

5 Totally Awesome Bible Apps for Kids

50 Best Apps for Children’s Bible

Please note that St. Luke Lutheran Church or  any staff/volunteer of St. Luke do not endorse these links, their authors or their content.  

These are provided for information only. 

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Bible Resources

Several parents of young children have asked for options for Children’s Bibles, as they journey together in the Faith 5 family practice.  Below are some options for Bibles that are more accesible for young children. If you click on the link you will be taken to that Bible’s page on Note, these are not all the options and if you know of another, please add a comment to this post to share!

“Spark Story Bible” – Patti Thisted Arthur (this is published by Augsburg Fortress, the publishing house of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America)

“Kids Spark NRSV” – Augsburg Fortess (this is published by Augsburg Fortress, the publishing house of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America)

“A Child’s First Bible” – Kenneth N. Taylor

“Early Readers Bible” – V. Gilbert Beers

“The Beginners Bible for Toddlers” – Mission City Press, Inc.   Spark Bibles

“Adventure Bible, NIV” – Zondervan

“NIrV Read With Me Bible” – Dennis Jones

“The Big Picture Story Bible” – David R. Helm

“The Jesus Storybook Bible, Read-Aloud Edition: Every Story Whispers His Name” – Sally Lloyd-Jones

“The Beginners Bible” – Karyn Henley & Dennas Davis

“The Picture Bible” – Iva Hoth & Andre Le Blanc


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Six Week Bible Plan – begins April 3

Family BibleIn Lent 2013 some young families at St. Luke began a daily evening devotional practice called Faith 5.  Other families soon joined in and are loving these experience as they grow in faith, fun, and family unity.  Several asked us to continue beyond Lent, and so this blog.  Every six weeks of so we will post here a “Bible Plan” that will lay out some stories/texts to be used each week in the Faith 5 experience – beginning on Wednesday of each week.

You are encouraged to begin with the entire story on Wednesday, and then throughout the week focus on a verse or two, or an aspect of the story, coming back to the full story on the last day of the week (Tuesday.)

If you have any questions or need any support, please don’t hesitate to contact Pastor Kim. Then join in the conversation, sharing, and reflection with others on this blog.

We go forth in faith – together in the word of God.     

April 3 – 9: John 21:4-6

April 10 – 16: John 21:15-19

April 17 – 23: Luke 24:36-42

April 24 – 30: Matthew 28:16-20

May 1 – 7: Matthew 20:29-34

May 8 – 14: Luke 10:1-9

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We continue here…

Our first journey with Faith 5 is soon to come to an end.  Easter is just around the corner. And if you are anything like one of the kids who has been journeying through Lent with Faith faith you’ve asked, “Do we have to stop after Easter?”  Well, the answer is a resounding, NO!  You don’t have to stop after Easter – in fact our Lenten journey has been the propelling beginning of what is a life-changing and life-equipping pattern.

And so this new blog.  A place where you can find a schedule of Biblical texts to use with your family and friends as you continue using the daily Faith 5 practice in your home (if you wish to have texts chosen for you, or you can choose your own, or do a combo of both), where you can share your experiences with others, ask

questions that just stump you, share struggles, share laughs, and share the journey.  Resources such as children’s Bibles, online resources, workshops, etc…will be posted, along with opportunities for further fellowship and connection with St. Luke folks and beyond.

So, we continue here…connecting to God, connecting to our faith, connecting to our families.

faith 5 logo final

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