About St. Luke’s Faith 5

It all began during Lent of 2013 when several St. Luke families gathered with Pastor Kim to learn a simple evening pattern of conversation, connection, God’s word, prayer, and blessing to use with the family.  As the days of Lent began, word spread among other families about the pattern and so there were over 30 families who were gathering each evening to Share, Read, Talk, Pray, and Bless – the simple Faith 5 © pattern that was developed by Dr. Rich Melheim and Faith Inkubators.

As Lent 2013 came to a close the families who journeyed through the season with this patterned sought to continue this pattern and to do so together, while inviting others to be a part, and sharing their journey together in community. So welcome to the journey…join in and share what you are experiencing.  We are in this journey of faith together with our families and with each other.


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