Advent – Faith 5 Style

So as Advent begins we here at St. Luke are beginning something new – the Narrative Lectionary.  This lectionary is a four year pattern that begins in September and ends in May/June and goes from Genesis, through the birth, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus, through the life of the early church.  So for Advent I want us to dig deeper into the texts for this new lectionary.  Each week we will have a preaching text and another text (when a gospel is the preaching text, the other text is a Psalm and when a non-gospel is the preaching text the other text is a gospel) – and for Faith 5 I want to encourage us to go deeper into the stories of the preaching texts – because, well, that’s the point of the Narrative Lectionary. The texts are typically longer, so choose what works for your family within each story.


So here are the texts:

11/27 – 12/3 – Daniel 3:1, 8-30 (Week of Advent 1)

12/4- 12/10 – Ezekiel 37:1-14 (Week of Advent 2)

12/11 –  12/17 – Isaiah 55:1-11 (Week of Advent 3)

12/18 – 12/24 – John 1:1-18 (Week of Advent 4)

12/25 – 12/31 – Luke 2:1-20 (Christmas)

Please be in conversation with me about how these are working for you.  Things can only change when we hear from you!


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