Two weeks left in this six week pattern

FamilyWell, we are about four weeks into a six week cycle of readings for the people and families of St. Luke who have committed to using the Faith 5 faith practice each evening, and there are a few questions that I have and I hope you can help me.

1. I do not have any idea of the number of people and families who are doing Faith 5.  SO, if you are doing FAITH 5 (or some modified version that is right for your family) please comment here and say yes, or drop me an email to let me know.

2. How’s it going?  What are some of your joys and surprises?  What are some of your struggles and challenges? (posting them in the comment section below will help the whole community learn and grow together)

3. Are there particular themes or topics you would like to explore in the next six week cycle of readings? (again, post them here so others can see your ideas and maybe stimulate more of their own)

4. Are there any stories or photos of your experience?  Thanks to the Ekstrum’s for sharing a recent photo of their time in Faith 5.  Who’s next?

5. Who is planning on joining me in going to hear Dr. Rich Melheim, the creator of Faith 5, in Tigard on May 11? (you can post here or email Pastor Kim)

Remember, you are never alone as you are growing in faith as a family.  Bringing your children to worship (no matter how noisy, fussy, or messy they may be) is part of our calling as parents and is a gift to the congregation – so come to worship.  Be surrounded by the larger family.  If there are specific needs or ideas you have, share them. I’m not a mind-reader and often (like the story of the changing tables, which if you don’t know you should ask me) things aren’t seen until someone says, “Hey….look!”

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