how-are-you32So…we are just beginning our 2nd week of this round of Faith 5…how’s it going?

What are some of the struggles/challenges that you have experienced?

What are some of the joys and aha’s that you have experienced?

What are some questions that are still bubbling around for you?

Comment on this post and tell the St. Luke community how it is going for you, ask your questions, share your observations.  This blog will be the best when all voices are being shared!

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  1. Mama Erwin

    We have allowed ourselves the flexibility to do Faith 5 whenever the boys ask, no matter the time. We have done it over dinner at a restaurant, during a commercial or right before bed. We aren’t always together at bed time so we are focused on the practice of engaging faithfully when we can. How is everyone handling blessings?

  2. djdang

    How are other people dealing with yesterday’s events in Boston? It really hit home for me – I knew people running yesterday. Plus, if I were to have run it, I would have finished close to that time. So during Faith 5 last night, I mentioned that as my low. My kids are young (6 and 3) and I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to expose them to something like that so young. I certainly didn’t want to create any fear in their lives, but I did a watered down version (some people got hurt because a bomb went off) and we prayed for those people who got hurt. But my son (the 6 year old) made a comment that God can’t help. I asked him later to elaborate and he told me that when we pray for things (ie God help dad’s finger feel better, dad’s finger still hurts). I tried explaining that God works in his own way and it may not be what we want it to be, but I’m not sure if he’s too young to understand that concept. Any advice?

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